The ends will always justify the means

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Note: This blog contains NSFW content

Senpai you have to understand that I’m really stupid and I don’t know where a hard drive is or what it looks like. I’ve heard of it but never paid attention to it.

How do you place it into a new laptop anyways. Doesn’t it have it’s own hard drive. What am I gonna do with that???( ;´Д`)

R.I.P to my laptop Dave who took his last breath on Monday. You have been with me for 2 years and yes, you were shit but you were my shit and nobody messes with that.

Now where will I read my Hentai. I’m too embarrassed for my internet provider to know what I do so I need to hide my IP address from them.

I have also lost not only you but all the yaoi gifs I have accumulated over the years. My kawoshin folder containing deleted artwork will never be seen again. I loved you however briefly it was real love.

Good bye Dave.


Cause I’m more scarred,

more scarred than my wrist is

I’ve been trying too long with too dull of a knife

But tonight I made sure that I sharpened it twice


With pen (colour added in SAI)

Oh my god noooo!!!! Really~~ ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to be a bitch but I can never pull it off.

You’ve ruined me. Crushed me

Do I seem bitchy and unapproachable, please tell me cause that’s what I was going for.